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Sniff & Find Dog Puzzle Toy

Sniff & Find Dog Puzzle Toy

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Introducing our innovative Sniff & Find Dog Puzzle Toy – the perfect blend of fun, engagement, and reward for your furry friend!

Key Features:

  • Interactive Design: Designed as a box-shaped toy, it's an engaging and interactive way to stimulate your dog's natural hunting instincts and keep them entertained for hours.

  • Hide & Seek Challenge: The toy features rolled-up fabric pieces inside where you can easily hide your dog's favorite treats or kibble. This encourages your dog to use their keen sense of smell to sniff out the hidden treasures.

  • Mental Stimulation: This puzzle toy provides mental stimulation and enrichment, helping to reduce boredom and prevent destructive behaviors. It challenges your dog's cognitive skills and keeps their mind sharp and active.

  • Durable & Safe: Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our Sniff & Find Dog Puzzle Toy is built to last and safe for your pet to play with.

  • Easy to Clean: The toy is easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and freshness for each play session. Simply wipe down or hand wash the fabric pieces and let them air dry.


  • Promotes Physical Activity: Engaging with the Sniff & Find Puzzle Toy encourages your dog to move around, promoting physical activity and exercise.

  • Builds Confidence: Successfully finding the hidden treats boosts your dog's confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment.

  • Reduces Anxiety: The focused activity of searching and finding can help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs, providing a calming and therapeutic effect.

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